A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

bookSLEEPer is the story of an undeclared college student who isn't doing so well in school. With finals coming up, she decides to spend her reading week studying. When she accidentally falls asleep on a textbook, she discovers that she can enter the world of a book when she sleeps on it.

Will our protagonist forge friendships, or even romances, as she explores these books? Will she pass her exams, or will she drop out of college and become a cat lady? The choice is yours!

bookSLEEPer is a non-commercial otome game with stat-raising elements. There are a total of four routes (English, Microbiology, Photography, and Philosophy) to choose from, each created by a different writer and illustrated in a different style. With at least 9 unique endings and a variety of flavor texts depending on your choices, we hope that bookSLEEPer will be a game with high replay value.

The game is currently in version NaNo.1.1., which contains the following content (with some missing assets, more or less depending on the route.):

  • 100% of Microbiology Route
  • ~90% of Photography Route
  • ~70% of Philosophy Route
  • ~20% of English Route

We will be updating the files here as we finish the game. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy! Please feel free to give us any feedback you may have.


  • Alcor etc
    • Producer, Writer (Common Route), Artist, GUI Designer
    • Founder of Studio Dipper, and part of the team working on Lads in Distress. Likes video games, white-haired bishounen, and potatoes. Can usually be found working on too many projects at once.
  • Allegra C. Hughes
    • Assistant Producer, Writer (Photography Route)
  • Zelan
    • Assistant Producer, Writer (English Route)
  • Hazel
    • Writer (Microbiology Route)
  • Choi
    • Artist (Photography Route)
  • yoshibb
    • Artist (English and Microbiology Routes)
  • Miya
    • Writer (Philosophy Route)
  • Kaoru
    • Artist (Philosophy Route)
  • Creative Commons resources (to be updated soon; we haven't compiled the credits list yet, sorry!)

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bookSLEEPerNaNo.1.1-1.1-pc.zip 137 MB
bookSLEEPerNaNo.1.1-1.1-mac.zip 122 MB


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...so when you gonna update it? :"""") I still waiting


Wow... It already been 2 years and still no update. I still want to know happens to Demian & Sinclair!! (TT   ~    TT)




I think this game got me interested in stories about time travel. As someone who mostly spends time with people the same age as me, I sure didn't expect that.

I didn't expect to like the game as a whole (or as much of a whole as it currently is), either, but I just love the overall effect the varying art styles have in my experience with the game. The art from the English and Microbiology routes feel surreal yet hyperrealistic somehow, surreal in that, even through my avatar, I can't be in the same world as Louis Pasteur, and hyperrealistic in that, since I'm 2D in the real world in the game, the dreams being in 3D feels similar to having a very vivid dream. 

I usually have a bias when it comes to art style and at first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish a game combining different styles from FOUR artists with the character sprites alone, but I think it actually worked. I feel as if the different styles gave atmosphere to each route the way decors and lighting and stuff affect the feel of a room.

Sorry for fangirling right now, I was looking around Itch bored but now I'm just mind-blown. (SorRy as in Sorta, but not Really. So, sorry not sorry.) From here on, I might start making less sense.

Music choice was pretty good. I just hope you polish it in some areas where the change is abrupt. (Played version 1.1 and I noticed it somewhere in the Microbiology route and in End 2 of the Photography route.) But yeah, it helped set the atmosphere/tone/mood, idk my literature terms anymore, you know what I mean.

Other stuff I liked: Attic-like room, magic realism, LOWKEY MAGICAL CAT?!- I don't know if it's because I'm not that deep into magic realism and time travel genres, but small cozy rooms are just the best for the lowkey fantastical for me. The cat's perfect. I think if you change it to any other animal, I'd be heartbroken because ...what other creature is more aloof but needs taking care of, more mysterious but whose mysteriousness we take for granted more than a cat? Name's perfect, too.

Now I might be getting ahead of myself calling it magic realism but I guess that's how I'd describe it. It could just be lucid dreaming, but that kinda takes away the charm of the MC's dreams.

After three days of playing, I've reached five endings (forever alone end, Sinclair cliffhanger, Damien cliffhanger, random photography guy confession, English route cliffhanger, passed everything and meeting Vivi's sister end). They were all interesting in their own way, so I hope I could hear more from these characters. 

Cool game~

More please!!!!


OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! My favorite is Demian. Please update.


This is absolutely amazing! I loved all the routes available so far, however, I have to say Demian has to be my absolute favorite. I look forward to the completion of this game, especially to his completed route, as well as to Sinclair's!

The main character was relatable and I loved the small tidbits that we get when we choose what to do for the day.  I feel a bit sad that revising and studying for exams don't work like this. If it did, I would definitely enjoy studying a lot more!

Omg same!

Totally agree !


This game was so good, and very cute! It was also educational (in a creative fanfic kind of way). I finished all the routes, and I found that lil banter in the English route to be hilarious.

By the way, there's a bug in the Photography route where if you won, somehow it loops back into you not winning. Might have missed a jump code.

Either way, thank you for the experience! Keep up the good work. I'd love to experience the final product of the English and Philosophy routes!

When will update more?

This was so good! I fell in love with Sinclair and Demian!!!

(1 edit) (+2)

Wow, this game is absolutely AMAZING!! I love how the main character is relatable, and I can't wait for the full version. Keep going, you're doing a great job!

(3 edits) (+1)

Using different kind of graphics in each books is trully refreshing and enchanting.

My concern is on the Microbiology route ending, in which MC's meeting with her new tutors is bit confusing and rushed after her deep learning (and also hopefully a big inspiration and development) from Pasteur's past.

Then, it's a bit strange timeline in Photography route, in which you get back to the class/exams room although you have just reviewed the result of all test ^^;

However, Philosophy and English routes are much awaited x3

Edit : I found some errors in : 

1. The page when access Hazel's note.

2. A repeated phrase at last Photoghrapy book scene, which leads to happy ending between MC and Luca

3. Collapsed characters' dialog & picture at the second time I visit Demian (Philosophy route)

This is such a great and entertaining game! The MC is relatable, the supporting characters are diverse and interesting, and the art is lovely. I also chuckled at the little reward for passing all of our exams. The amount of passion and effort put into this project is tangible, considering how enjoyable it was to play. You also had few speech and technical errors (there was an odd part in the Philosophy route where Sinclair spoke Demian's lines and the latter overlapped him haha). 

I can't wait for the next update-particularly because I *NEED* Demian's ending! You guys tore at my heart, leaving us readers hanging like that! I have high hopes for you all! ^u^

The artwork is absolutely wonderful. I initially started off with microbiology since you wrote that you've mostly completed that, but after trying out the other subjects as well, i absolutely cannot wait for Philosophy! I'm actually going to go read Demian. It's interesting so far.

I'm anticipating the updates in the future~ Good luck!

(1 edit)

*For those who have not played this game, beware! For this comment may hold spoilers for all the routes.*

I've enjoyed what I've played of this game so far (I'm putting off the rest for until more of the game is completed). I really like the MC's ability, though I do think it would be nice to find out a little more about it. Mainly because I wonder about the implications of her relationships with the characters of the books. Like how the romantic relationships would play out in end for the fictional characters who don't actually exist (A.K.A. at this point, Max, Emil & Bianca); how that would affect the MC, whether she'd be able to eventually control where she enters the book's story from and what would happen when she reaches the end of the book (goodness, that seems depressing :O) . . .

When it comes to things outside of the books, I also kind of wonder about whether the effects of her interactions stay within the book she sleeps on or extends to all the books that share the same title (though I imagine it's likely the former). And since the photography book is an autobiography, would the MC's relationship with "book-world" Lucas affect the actual Lucas if they met in real life? I'm guessing not because Louis knew of things beyond his time in the science route. But would it really not have any effect at all other than on the MC's memories? (BTW, I've played three of the photography scenes, all the availible lit and philosophy and the first science ending. I put off photography 'cause it's almost complete.) I just kind of I wonder about how she'd deal with that . . . apologies, I wonder about a lot of things. XD 

It is also odd that so far only Max clearly realizes that you're not supposed to be . . for lack of a better word, there. XD He's also the only person to comment on how your appearance hasn't changed in the science and philosophy routes, where there are large gaps in time. Anyway, the only problem I had while playing was keeping track of how time passed in Demian. I got confused after the night when Emil was drunk, and couldn't calculate the characters' ages or the date from that point on. I liked reading Emil's diary to have an idea of what happened inbetween, but it left me befuddled, prolly 'cause I haven't even heard of the book before. So that's likely just on me. XD There was one other thing that was a tad confusing, the transition to the first microbiology ending was a little sudden and it took a moment for me to get a good sense of what going on. 

Oh, and there is the fact that the second microbiology ending continues to eluuude me! :O I really enjoyed what's in the game already and look forward to future updates. It's super cool that the art style changes in each book, therefore giving the MC a new a look. The cat's great and it's lovely to befriend her, I hope I took good care of her. X3 Hmm, this comment ended up much bigger than I wanted, hope it's not too troublesome. >_<

i had a great time with this game on my stream! There's a few rough edges here and there, (and while i talked about them during the stream, the biggest one was the very repetitive stress message) but that's to be expected from a demo anyway. Great work so far, and such a neat concept too! I'm looking forward to the full version!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

When do you think the final version would be released?

We're not sure about that, particularly because we are looking to add more features (such as voice acting) to the final game. Sorry about that!

Hi, i just played the game and I find it fantastic ! And moreover very promising, and I can't wait until the final version comes out. And there is my too long for words review !

First, the good and there's so much good ! The main character first is hilarious, you had fun writing her, it's obvious and it's marvelous ! Two, the art is fabulous, gorgeous in the way I couldn't explain, it's beautiful the way Kant describe beauty, and it's very rare these days so preach ! Third the power ! I just love this power because it come out of nowhere, unexplained but you made it logical and even me, the annoying friend who tries to nitpick and runs everything for everyone, I didn't found any big paradoxe ... Except shits a bit incoherent but it's for latter. And fourth, the characters, they are books and famous figures and you manage to make them good otome characters and this is just so ... Just good. Really. Fifth, the cat. Nothing to add, just the cat. And that it for the good.

Now, the bad but not really, it's just things that disturb me personally but you could do nothing about it, it would still be a good game. Even though the way you made the power works and coherent, at some point it make go "wait if this doesn't this, should them be like that" and it happens in the Marie and Louis route because they see this apparition, a said student who is registered nowhere, who come and go and doesn't age and they like ... Chill ? I try to find an explanation for this, like maybe it's because they are aware she's not real and just see her as a coping mechanism for the lost of their children, send by a superior force or their inconscient (was Freud there already ??). The other part that make it go "???" was when in Demian, the MC respond to their advences like she has feelings too and this was like ... Sister ... Your feelings are as obvious as the identity of Jack the Ripper... I mean in the route itself sure but it seems like she doesn't care for them half of the time so it's like ... Yeah ? Maybe add scenes where she thinks about them outside of the books like when she do their things "write fanfic, visit the lab, take photos and think about life", it would be cool to have her think about the ones she hang with when she finish their routes, this would add the fact that she cares as much as they do and make those relationships even. Not only with Demian but all of the others books. Just a little nice touch like this.

But as I said, it's just extra and without them, the quality of the game is still more than average. It's a really good game and good luck to finish all of this. I support all of you and congrats you for creating a such beautiful, funny and heart warming game. You are great!

I wish you the very best and see you when the game is finished!


P.s: sorry if some sentences doesn't make sense, English is not my mother language.

Hello! Your feedback is very valued and we appreciate that you took the time to type it out for us. We will look into your suggestions and see what we can add/change; we were a bit rushed for NaNoRenO and there's definitely room for improvement. It makes us happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, though, so thank you so much for trying bookSLEEPer and giving us your feedback!

This is a really interesting idea! I'd love to stream this on Twitch, especially when the game is fully done. Until then, I'll play through what's available. Congratulations on finishing NaNoRenO!

Thank you so much for giving this game a try! We're very honored that you'd like to stream this. We will work hard to finish the rest of the game! :D